Utility & Grid
Advanced,Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries,Comprehensive Energy Storage Solution

i-Battery’s advanced vanadium redox flow batteries offer a comprehensive energy storage solution, ideal for developers, investors, and operators seeking utility-grade storage with minimal long-term costs, whether used independently, integrated with renewable sources, or in hybrid systems alongside lithium batteries.

Commercial & Industrial
i-Battery's vanadium batteries provide stable, efficient microgrid management, reducing costs and carbon emissions, suitable for both grid-connected and off-grid environments.

i-Battery's vanadium flow batteries are revolutionizing energy management in microgrids within areas of unstable grid connectivity. These robust, quick-response batteries facilitate a shift from high-cost, carbon-intensive traditional energy sources to efficient renewables,maintaining stable operation even in harsh environments and significantly reducing fuel costs and maintenance needs. Suitable for both grid-connected and entirely off-grid scenarios, i-Battery's technology is vital for areas facing frequent power outages, offering a sustainable and cost-effective energy management approach that enhances the use of renewables and significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Faced with energy crises and power instability, global governments support the reduction of energy storage costs, making Aiboterui's vanadium batteries an economically viable option.

In response to rising electricity prices and increasing energy costs, particularly under the influence of overseas energy crises and frequent large-scale power outages, residents are facing increasingly severe challenges with rising electricity costs and unstable power supply. To achieve carbon neutrality and energy independence, governments worldwide are reducing the installation cost of home energy storage systems through tax relief and financial subsidies. Against this backdrop, i-Battery's vanadium redox flow battery home energy storage solution is becoming an increasingly mature and economical option. By installing i-Battery's vanadium redox flow battery home energy storage system, residents can not only save on electricity bills through self-production and consumption but also gain additional economic benefits.

Enhance Operational Resilience

The increasing risk of power outages in many parts of the world has led businesses and public sector agencies to view microgrids (small local networks that can operate independently of the main grid) as a means to ensure service and operational continuity during outages. Aiboterui's utility-grade storage offers the high cycling, long duration, and rapid response capabilities needed to power microgrids when generation is offline or unavailable.

Capable of Grid-Tied or Fully Off-Grid Operation.
100 Millisecond Rapid Response Time."
Flexible Dispatchability
Fire Safety
Representative Industries

New Energy Power Generation

Photovoltaic and Wind Power Consumption, Improvement of Electric Power Quality, etc.

Power Grid Company

Enhancing Grid Stability, Grid-Side Peak Shaving and Frequency Regulation, etc.

Data Center

Emergency Power Supply, Enhanced Application of Green Energy, etc.

Charging Pile

Dynamic Addition of Charging Columns and Mitigation of Grid Connection Pressure.

High Energy-Consuming Enterprise

Peak Shaving and Valley Filling, Dynamic Capacity Expansion for High Energy-Consuming Enterprises

Virtual Power Plant

Peak Shaving and Frequency Regulation, Load Balancing, Backup Power Supply, etc.

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