IBTR Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Solutions
Suitable for energy storage applications requiring high safety, large capacity, long cycle life, and minimal maintenance

20-foot, 40-foot, customized




25 years


2~10 hours or more

Discharge Time


Depth of Discharge


Cycle Count






As new energy sources increasingly dominate the power system, the application scenarios for energy storage will continue to expand. The power range will extend from kW-level user-side scenarios to GW-level generation and grid-side scenarios, with energy storage duration varying from seconds and minutes to hours, and even spanning days and seasons.


Clean Energy Generation Management

Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Utility-scale Auxiliary Services

Dynamic Operation of Auxiliary Units


Improve Power Quality

Grid Safety and Stability

Reduce Investment in Distribution Network

Reduce Line Losses

Grid Frequency Regulation and Expansion

Commercial and Industrial

Peak and Valley Power Management

Enhancement of Power Quality

Grid Safety and Stability

Reduction of Distribution Network Investment

Reduction of Line Losses

Grid Frequency Regulation 

Capacity Expansion


Integration of Distributed Power Sources

Peak and Valley Electricity Price Arbitrage

Microgrid Applications

Regulation of Power Quality

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Core Advantages
Higher Efficiency
Unique diversion technology new bipolar plate direct current (DC) conversion efficiency>85%.
Greater Stability
Exclusive mixed sealing technology, Prevent leaks and no self-discharge issues.
Enhanced Reliability
In-house developed BMS, electrolyte circulation system, automatic rebalancing and proprietary black start technology.
More Comprehensive
Has mono-acid and mixed-acid electrolyte formulations, and will be involved in electrolyte production in the future to ensure the stable supply of the industrial chain and reduce system costs.
Lighter and Smaller
Each individual container can accommodate more power modules.
Lower Costs
Our decade of technological expertise, combined with refined structural designs, experience in large-scale production, and the integration of innovative materials, translates into a significant cost advantage of more than 5-10%.
Devoted to the research, development, and application of
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technologies
Our mission is to drive the transition towards a renewable energy-dominant system and catalyze the transformation of
the national energy structure through the industrialization of advanced energy storage technology.
Our Values
Our Cultures

Better World

Committed to creating sustainable solutions for the Earth and the future, promoting the sustainable use of clean energy through safe and reliable long-duration energy storage technology.

Better Product

edicated to developing superior energy storage products, driven by innovation, providing efficient, reliable, and long-lasting energy storage solutions, leading the trends in the energy storage industry.

Better Service

Collaborating with customers and partners to co-create and build a win-win energy ecosystem, jointly advancing the widespread adoption and application of clean energy in society.

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Firmly believing that talent is the core driving force for the continuous development of the energy storage industry, committed to nurturing, attracting, and motivating exceptional talent, creating a future for the energy storage industry filled with wisdom, innovation, and passion.

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We firmly believe in the infinite potential of every individual. We embrace diversity, encourage the exchange and sharing of different perspectives, and create an equal and open working environment.

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We believe that youthful technological innovation is the driving force for the future. We encourage our employees to challenge convention, be brave in innovation, and strive for excellence. We believe that through continuous exploration and innovation, we can continually break boundaries and provide even better solutions for our customers.

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We provide ample room for error for our employees, allowing them to make mistakes when trying new ideas and innovations. We recognize that the most creative solutions are born in a relaxed environment. We encourage our employees to boldly experiment and innovate, bringing new possibilities to the company.

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We uphold the spirit of continuous learning, encouraging our employees to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. We believe that through ongoing learning, we can continuously adapt to changing environments and maintain a leading competitive edge.


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