i-Battery Launches its First Intelligent Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Production Line
Release Date:2024.01.16


Suzhou, China, October 11, 2023 - i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd ("IBTR") today announced the inauguration of its first state-of-the-art intelligent Vanadium Redox Flow Battery production line in Wujiang District, Suzhou. The grand opening was attended by distinguished leaders from the local government, top-tier enterprises, and esteemed guests.


Spanning a vast 4,000 square meters, IBTR's Suzhou facility showcases the company's commitment to innovation and quality. The first production line has been completed and commissioned, now entering the production ramp-up phase. It is expected to begin mass production by the end of October, and by next year, the production capacity can reach up to 1GWh. This milestone signifies the company's progress towards its goal of producing a new generation of energy storage products that are "long-duration, low-cost, extremely safe, and more flexible" through scalable, intelligent manufacturing. By adopting new technologies, processes, and equipment, IBTR's intelligent plant is set to realize automation, digitization, networking, and intelligent operations, enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality, and ensuring employee safety.
In his inaugural address, Dr. Feng Yong, the President and Founder of IBTR, said, "In the future, IBTR will continue to deepen its roots in the flow battery and energy storage realms, expanding its manufacturing and sales centers both domestically and internationally. With a focus of long-duration energy storage, IBTR will actively promote R&D, development, and application of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technologies, further enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, rapidly pushing forward the development and launch of next-generation products, aiming to become the leading and the most influential company both at home and abroad."
The event also hosted a strategic partnership signing ceremony, marking the beginning of a new collaboration chapter for IBTR with its partners. Partners included Beijing Energy Sembcorp (Hainan) International Renewables Co.,Ltd, China Telecom’s Shanghai Subsidiary, Nanjing Electrical Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Super Mind Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and G-Star Pte. Ltd.

Subsequently, leaders and guests gathered on stage for a special launch ritual. They placed their hands on a large screen, which triggered an exciting countdown. As the numbers hit zero, it signaled the official start of IBTR's new intelligent Vanadium Redox Flow Battery production line.
As the event concluded, there was a reflection on Dr. Feng Yong's pivotal decision back in 2014 to venture into the world of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery. His team's journey, transitioning lab innovations into market-ready solutions over the years, was highlighted. Finally, local government and shareholder representatives of Cowin Capital and Rising Investment, and other guests, unveiled and signed on IBTR’s latest products, using pens brought forth by the facility's Automated Guided Vehicles(AGVs). 
After the ceremony, Dr. Feng Yong led the guests on a tour of the entire intelligent production line, showcasing IBTR's cutting-edge technology and manufacturing capabilities.
About i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co. , Ltd is committed to being an innovator in long-duration energy storage technologies. We specialize in the R&D, promotion, and application of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the country's transition to a new energy system dominated by renewable sources and to facilitate national energy structure transformation through the industrialization of long-duration energy storage technology. Our core team has strong technical capabilities, each with over a decade of rich experience in the field of long-duration energy storage, dedicating to the development and production of proprietary products and new materials. The company has continuously achieved breakthroughs and optimizations in the core technology of liquid flow batteries, establishing high technical barriers. Technical highlights include our unique cell stack design, independently developed electrolyte formula and preparation technology, as well as advanced engineering systems and IoT cloud platforms, etc. While continuously improving the quality and performance of energy storage products, we effectively reduce costs. In addition, we attach great importance to the integration of the entire industry chain, ensuring close cooperation from raw material procurement to production, to achieve large-scale, intelligent production of a new generation of energy storage products that are "long-duration, low-cost, extremely safe, and more flexible."
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