i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd and Beijing Energy Sembcorp (Hainan) International Renewables Co.,Ltd Establish Long-Term Strategic Partnership
Release Date:2024.01.16


Suzhou, China--i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co. , Ltd ("IBTR") announced a significant strategic partnership with Beijing Energy Sembcorp (Hainan) International Renewables Co. , Ltd ("Beijing Energy Sembcorp").
Beijing Energy Sembcorp, a prominent clean energy investment platform, was co-founded by Beijing Energy International Investment Co., Ltd. and Sembcorp Energy (Shanghai) Holding Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the globally recognized Sembcorp Industries from Singapore. In its first phase, the company plans an investment of approximately RMB10 billion, focusing on renewable energy sectors such as wind, solar, and energy storage. Nationwide expansion is underway, with gross installed renewables capacity of 1.1 million kW, solidifying its position as a significant player and innovator in the domestic clean energy investment sector.
IBTR is committed to the research, development, and application of vanadium flow battery energy storage technology, aiming to facilitate China's goal of carbon neutrality through the industrialization of long-duration energy storage technology. The company constantly pioneers innovative technological pathways, developing and manufacturing core materials and energy storage systems with proprietary intellectual property rights. It strives to scale up the production of energy storage products characterized by "longer duration, lower cost, and increased safety".
According to the agreement, both parties will leverage their respective strengths and assets to foster comprehensive collaboration in the domestic and international markets within the new and integrated energy sectors. They will jointly explore innovative development strategies for renewable energy, integrating industry resources, projects, and other third-party resources.
The partnership intends to deepen cooperation in the construction of domestic renewable energy facilities and the application of new energy technologies, accelerating the development of renewable energy initiatives and exploring collaborative business models to cultivate core competitiveness.
Regarding overseas operations, the collaboration will fully exploit Beijing Energy Sembcorp's investments strengths in Europe, Australia, and countries along the "Belt and Road" initiative. Coupled with IBTR's profound understanding of overseas market demands, R&D capabilities in core energy storage components, and localized delivery capacities, both entities will secure overseas projects, achieving a win-win collaboration and synergizing efforts in project executions.
Dr. Feng Yong, the founder of IBTR, said that combining IBTR's leading products and technology with Beijing Energy Sembcorp's premium industry resources will spawn numerous cooperative projects in the future. Together, they plan to develop both domestic and overseas renewable energy and energy storage projects, working hand in hand to create unprecedented value.
About i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
i-Battery Energy Technology (Suzhou) Co. , Ltd is committed to being an innovator in long-duration energy storage technologies. We specialize in the R&D, promotion, and application of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technologies. Our mission is to accelerate the country's transition to a new energy system dominated by renewable sources and to facilitate national energy structure transformation through the industrialization of long-duration energy storage technology. Our core team has strong technical capabilities, each with over a decade of rich experience in the field of long-duration energy storage, dedicating to the development and production of proprietary products and new materials. The company has continuously achieved breakthroughs and optimizations in the core technology of liquid flow batteries, establishing high technical barriers. Technical highlights include our unique cell stack design, independently developed electrolyte formula and preparation technology, as well as advanced engineering systems and IoT cloud platforms, etc. While continuously improving the quality and performance of energy storage products, we effectively reduce costs. In addition, we attach great importance to the integration of the entire industry chain, ensuring close cooperation from raw material procurement to production, to achieve large-scale, intelligent production of a new generation of energy storage products that are "long-duration, low-cost, extremely safe, and more flexible."
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